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5 things that can worsen mental health issues

People living with major depressive and obsessive-compulsive disorder can first-hand know the struggle to form things better for me: how hard they fight, how they trip over their thoughts and intentions, and the way often they catch on wrong.

It can often get overwhelming to interact with someone who lives under a load of mental health conditions, even (or especially) when they’re near and dear to you. People usually try their best, but some ideas and behaviors are actively harmful, also once they are (or seem) well-intended.

1. Giving uninformed or unsolicited medical advice

  • Treatment is usually more complex than people realize. Therapy, medication, and self-care all have an area in recovery. And for a few people, that medication is often life-giving and even lifesaving.

  • We take medication to assist us in getting out of bed within the morning, empower us to form better decisions, and to be ready to enjoy our lives, our relationships.

  • But sometimes, that’s an excessive amount of to expect of somebody with a mental disorder, and it often just intensifies our real feelings of guilt and shame.