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CMB Clinical Trials is a leading provider of investigator site-based clinical research services.


Improving Treatments is a marketing brand wholly owned by CMB Clinical Trials to help promote understanding and awareness of Clinical Studies in specific therapeutic areas.


This privacy, website and social media notice set out how CMB Clinical Trials and its Patient recruitment website Improving Treatments protect the information you provide when you use our websites, contact us directly visit our clinics or use social media involving CMB Clinical Trials and Improving Treatments.

Terms of Use:

The terms and conditions contained within this Notice apply to members of the public, patients, clients, and employees who interact with both CMB Clinical Trials and Improving treatments. And those who provide their personal information, use CMB Clinical Trials and/or Improving Treatments websites, and/or social media channels such as blogs, wikis, social networking websites (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), podcasts, forums, message, boards, or comment on CMB Clinical Trials and/or Improving Treatments or its web-articles.


Furthermore, by providing your personal information to us or by visiting, registering on, accessing, reviewing and otherwise using our websites and social media, including the information and content within, you accept the following terms and conditions of use, without qualification or limitation,  as stated within this Notice.

Please read and review the Notice in its entirety before providing your personal information or using our website/s or social media channel/s. If you do not agree to these terms, then we ask you not to use or access CMB Clinical Trials related websites or social media channels. In the event, you have already provided your personal information to CMB Clinical Trials, and you would like us to cease processing your data, then you can do so at any time by contacting us at (contact info).

By accessing or using our website or social media channels, it shall constitute your agreement to all of the terms and conditions laid out in this Notice. You also agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless CMB Clinical Trials and its subsidiaries/affiliated/contracted entities, employees, contracted physicians, other health care professionals, contractors, and shareholders from and against all liabilities, losses, expenses, damages, and costs (including attorney fees) which results from any violation by you of the terms of use contained within this Notice.

CMB Clinical Trials reserves the right to revise this Notice from time to time and post an amended Notice. We recommend you check this page periodically to ensure you have contended with any changes. Your continued interaction with CMB Clinical Trials and the use of our websites or social media channels can be deemed acceptance and agreement to any changed terms and conditions.


You can access all of the pages on CMB Clinical Trials and Improving Treatments websites without giving us any personal information. However, should you choose to “register your interest” with us on-line, your personal information shall be transferred and stored on the website server (which managed and hosted by a third party provider)



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