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Impact of parental mental illness on parenting

Impact of parental mental illness on parenting includes affecting the lives of dependent children through both direct and indirect devices. The factors that may directly influence their offspring include the inherited genetic makeup of the child, the intrauterine environment and antenatal susceptibility to anxiety and depression, and the peril of direct exposure to the parental mental illness itself. Indirect consequences, such as socioeconomic disadvantage and marital disputes, which are often associated with mental disorders, can also have serious detrimental effects. There has been some recent research into the effects of parental mental illness on children, especially postnatal depression.

These mental disorders have shown to affect attachment configuration and the cognitive, sensitive, social, and behavioral advancement of children. These children are also at increased risk of acquiring psychiatric diseases in childhood, adolescence, and later adulthood. Given the possible impact of parental mental health, prevention, and intervention at an early frame are of great significance.