Post-Clinical Trial Information

What Happens After Clinical Trial Concludes?
After the end of the clinical protocol, you shall be invited for a close up round, and you shall be asked to share your experiences with us. That is the ideal time wherein you can share all your positive and negative reviews. Your feedback shall be essential to give final shape to our clinical protocol.

Once the long and detailed clinical trial is over, the dedicated medical team and research scholars collate all the data of all the phases. The final data is analyzed and studied, and necessary conclusions are drawn. These conclusions confirm the viability of the clinical study, the efficacy and safety of the product or device. If yes, then the organization inches close to getting it approved from regulatory bodies and FDA. Once approved, it is accepted a new medical product and is introduced into the market for the general public.

Can the Volunteers access the Reports of Clinical Trials?
The medical fraternity is guided by individual regulatory bodies and protocol, and its restraints from sharing information with the participants. If you are eager to access the reports, ask us beforehand, and our team shall confirm our giveaways.


Are the Clinical Trial Reports Made Public?
The name and the identity of the volunteers are withheld, but the study details are shared and published in medical or scientific journals, which can be discussed in news reports and science conferences. The CSR's statements mention the stages of trials, their actions and reactions, and the effectiveness but nowhere the identity of the volunteer is disclosed. Any results that are published can be found in the U.S. Library of Medicine's database. Clinical trial participants can ask researchers for the specific name of the study to see it in the database later.