For  Caregivers & Families
Caring for a loved one with a disease or disorder can be difficult, especially when it comes to mental disorders.

If your loved one is suffering from any mental ailments and you are not in a position to meet the requirements of the expenditure or your efforts have gone in vain, we invite you to contact us. We at CMB shall provide free consultation and treatment to the person of whom you are a caregiver.

Refer Someone to a Clinical Trial in California for Free Treatment:

If you care for an individual with a disease or disorder and are interested in getting free, cutting-edge treatment, contact CMB Clinical Trials in Colton, California today. We can hopefully help you finally find a treatment that finally works for your loved one to effectively manage the symptoms of their disorder. To learn more, give us a call at 909-423-0367, 951-321-9801.