Paid Clinical Trials Colton

CMB Clinical Trials are one of the leading paid clinical trial center based out of Colton City where investigational medicine studies are conducted.

Over the last 17 years, we have been assessing participants and conducting trials of studies for psychiatric disorders and other neurological ailments. Our clinical research studies have been directed since 2002 in Colton Region. 

If you do not see a study of interest, please fill out the form down below and a CMB team member will contact you shortly. You can also call us for the Study Information on (909) 423-0367.

What Are Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are the research investigations carried on the volunteers to test new treatments, interventions, or tests under the clear guidance of the physicians and other research professionals. It is taken before the medicine or device introduced in the market for the general public. It is performed to test the efficacy of the product, its side effects, and how people respond to the new treatment. The primary motive behind it is to determine whether a therapeutic strategy, therapy, or device is safe for humans. You also get paid a stipend for these trials. 


These treatments are developed by the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies who select a handful of qualified physicians to conduct paid clinical trials to determine the effects and the efficacy of investigatory drugs or devices. For more info check Potential clinical trial participants and Clinical trial participant information.

​The relevance of Clinical Trials

The clinical trial is quite relevant in the field of medicine. The pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies sponsor the clinical trials in coordination with physicians, medical professionals, and researchers.


Regulatory bodies, FDA and IRB, govern clinical trials, and there are strict guidelines that the sponsors, medical professionals, and researches require to adhere to in the way of the clinical trial. The Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP) accredited the IRBs.

Nearly 4,000 experimental drug therapies are in an active paid clinical trial today, and that number shall continue to grow as improvements are made in detecting disease, in understanding the major causes of several acute and chronic illnesses, and in discovering medical innovations.

The clinical trials play a significant role in testing the different drugs or devices that are planned to introduce in the market. The investment in the market by the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and device companies have come a long way in detecting the root cause of many diseases and has derived at valid conclusions.

Impact of a Clinical Trial

​The impact of trials has proved to bring prominent reshuffle in the life-threatening diseases, reason, and the positive effects of the clinical trials.

In the coming years, we expect that the clinical research trials are openly discussed between the patients and the doctors and both can decide to participate in a clinical trial to bring more clarity in the use of certain drugs and devices in specific diseases.

We hope more volunteers and more sponsors to come forward and join hands with  CMB Clinical Trials in Colton to bring significant transformation in the life of the people.

One of the leading paid clinical trial center based out of Colton City-