Potential Clinical Trial Participants

If you have expressed an interest in participating in one of our studies, then we collect certain information through the registration process. This may include information relating to your country of origin, name, date of birth, gender, marital status, race/ethnic origin, address, contact information (including email address and your preferences for how we contact you), national insurance number, your physical or mental health history, lifestyle information/interests, healthcare provider, number of dependants, family history, any medications and interests. Some fields are compulsory to complete (e.g., contact details) to take your interest further and other fields may be optional.


By completing and submitting personal data via the on-line registration platforms or when submitting directly to CMB Clinical Trials, you are consenting to your information being processed and stored in a central location by CMB Clinical Trials. We shall manage your data as set out in this Notice and local data protection law.

CMB Clinical Trials asks for your consent at the point of collecting any new personal or sensitive personal information you provide. If at any time you would like CMB Clinical Trials to cease processing your information, then please contact us immediately in writing.

CMB Clinical Trials representatives only have access to your personal and sensitive personal information (e.g., your medical history) where it is relevant for them to do so. This information, where possible, remains anonymized using a unique identifier within the database, including when analyzing trends or running reports on demographics. Names and addresses would be used by the staff members and contracted third party taxi companies for arranging the likes of transportation.

If you enroll in a clinical study, your information may also be made available to authorized sponsor company representatives and both clinical trial volunteers. Moreover, private healthcare patient’s information may be made available to regulatory authorities for data verification and audit purposes. However, we obtain your written consent to this when you attend one of our clinics. Furthermore, in the interests of proper medical care, CMB Clinical Trials may also share information with your General Practitioner where appropriate to do so (e.g., any abnormal results or in the situation where you need a referral for primary medical care).

No other third parties are given access to your personal or sensitive personal information unless we are required to disclose personal data as required by law, subpoena or other legal processes with a legal right to access such information.

CMB Clinical Trials does not collect, sell, rent, or otherwise distribute email addresses or any other personal information. We also do not solicit or collect any emails unless you request reuse of our content or advertising inquiries or other general inquiries. 

All discussions by email or phone are completely confidential to CMB Clinical Trials unless we obtain your consent to treat them otherwise.


If you express an interest in joining CMB Clinical Trials and wish to register on our on-line recruitment web page, then the information we collect may include information relating to your name, address, contact information (including email address and contact preferences), education and employment history. You can also choose to upload your resume/curriculum vitae.