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How can this pandemic trigger an ADHD brain?

The world we currently live in has become an extraordinary and turbulent place with social distancing, shelter-in-place orders, restaurants, and shopping malls closures. Coronavirus transformed everything we thought we knew about our daily lives, government, and health into a bizarre world where FaceTime dating and panic-buying toilet tissue are the new norms. It’s taking a toll on even the foremost optimistic people as we attempt to stay positive amidst what seems like bleaker and bleaker news every day. It’s hard to imagine how this already unsettling situation feels for over 45 million Americans with mental disorders.

People affected by anxiety, depression, PTSD, drug abuse, and other types of chronic mental disorders are immediately vulnerable in terms of loneliness, isolation, and the potential for self-destructive behavior, attributed to a scarcity of consistent support and a disrupted routine.

In an attempt to assist those with a mental disorder, we analyzed the precise challenges people with the common mental and physical health conditions face and what actions they can practice and networks they will access to stay healthy and safe.

What do we know about COVID-19?