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Do kids with ADHD and autism need different rules for screen time?

Do you know what the screen time rules mean? It means managing the number of hours that the children spend a while on the computer or mobile phone or any other device such as playing video games, watching cartoons, or any other activity. By reading the title itself, you might think about the link between children with Autism, ADHD, and the different screen time rules. If you are unaware of it, you should surely read further.

The link between Autism and screen time rules

Let us start by knowing more about Autism. The definition by the American Psychological Association helps us understand that Autism is a disorder that makes it difficult for the children to make friends, socialize, and speak properly. They also engage in activities such as repeatedly clapping without any reason among a lot of other actions. So it rightly makes us understand they are more likely to spend more time watching TV or playing online games. The difficulty in making friends also has an impact on their ability to develop and maintain relationships.