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Debunking common coronavirus myths

The number of covid19 cases is not the only thing that had surged in numbers. With the spread of coronavirus worldwide, several myths regarding the coronavirus have taken form. The most prominent coronavirus myth being the people in the UK destroying telecom towers because they believed 5G technology responsible for the spread of coronavirus. Here are some of the general coronavirus myths and the ones prevalent in the US.

1) Drinking more and warm water will flush out the coronavirus from the body:

Drinking more and more water frequently can release and flush out all the viruses from the body, but it is not true. If the virus enters the body, nothing will flush it out from the body. The person only has to take proper treatment in the consultation and under the observation of doctors. The sore throat is the symptom of coronavirus, and it cannot be washed down by drinking warm or hot water. If the virus is present in the throat, then it will not be flushed out by drinking water.

2) Testing whether you are infected by holding the breath for 10 seconds:

People are performing coronavirus tests at their homes by holding their breath for 10 seconds, and in those 10 seconds, if you do not have a problem breathing, then you are not infected. The scientist does not approve testing coronavirus like this. The recent coronavir