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Debunking common coronavirus myths

The number of covid19 cases is not the only thing that had surged in numbers. With the spread of coronavirus worldwide, several myths regarding the coronavirus have taken form. The most prominent coronavirus myth being the people in the UK destroying telecom towers because they believed 5G technology responsible for the spread of coronavirus. Here are some of the general coronavirus myths and the ones prevalent in the US.

1) Drinking more and warm water will flush out the coronavirus from the body:

Drinking more and more water frequently can release and flush out all the viruses from the body, but it is not true. If the virus enters the body, nothing will flush it out from the body. The person only has to take proper treatment in the consultation and under the observation of doctors. The sore throat is the symptom of coronavirus, and it cannot be washed down by drinking warm or hot water. If the virus is present in the throat, then it will not be flushed out by drinking water.

2) Testing whether you are infected by holding the breath for 10 seconds:

People are performing coronavirus tests at their homes by holding their breath for 10 seconds, and in those 10 seconds, if you do not have a problem breathing, then you are not infected. The scientist does not approve testing coronavirus like this. The recent coronavirus patients are asymptomatic, but they are the carrier of coronavirus. You cannot indicate the level of fibrosis by doing holding your breath.

3) Alcohol can be used as a sanitizer for coronavirus:

The spraying of alcohol on the hands can prevent coronavirus and used it as a sanitizer. It is again not gaining any support from the scientist. Alcohol cannot be used as a sanitizer. Regular handwashing with soap can prevent coronavirus infection. The sanitizer should be alcohol-based, that is 60% alcohol, not pure 100% alcohol.

4) Alcohol can kill coronavirus:

People think that alcohol is a disinfectant, and drinking alcohol will kill all the viruses from the body. Using alcohol-based sanitizer as a disinfectant but not drinking alcohol. It does not affect the virus but destroys the liver and reduces the immunity of the body.

5) Eating non-veg infect you with coronavirus:

Eating non-veg foods does not cause coronavirus in people. It is not given evidence that non-veg foods infect the person with coronavirus. But you have to take precautions like wash food, either veg or non-veg properly and cook the food properly. Don’t eat raw or undercooked meat.

6) The face mask will protect you from coronavirus infection:

A face mask is necessary for those people who are healthy and not having any symptoms of coronavirus. The person who is experiencing the symptoms of coronavirus and those who came in contact with infected suspected coronavirus patient then they have to wear the mask.

7) Only older people are infected:

It is not the truth that a coronavirus will infect only older people. Older people are more vulnerable due to low immunity and other health conditions. They only have to face more difficulty in coping up with coronavirus.

8) Coronavirus does not infect Africans and Americans:

It is a myth that African and American people are immune to coronavirus infection. Everyone in the whole world can be infected with the coronavirus. You can find the latest coronavirus update in the US, here.

9) Washing hands with a special soap:

Washing your hands with any special soap like antibacterial or medically invented soap can increase immunity against the coronavirus as compared to regular soaps is a myth. People can wash hands with their regular soap or hand wash. There is no need to buy new or unique soap from the market. You should wash your hands for 20 seconds.

10) I will die if I got infected with coronavirus:

It is not true that if you are infected with coronavirus, then you will die. A tiny percentage of people are dying from coronavirus. People with mild illness and infected with coronavirus can be treated while taking proper treatment under doctor supervision. However, the death rate is higher for older people and people with other underlying health conditions.

11) Coronavirus is airborne:

Coronavirus is not an airborne infection but a droplet infection. It spreads through cough and sneezes droplets.

12) Antibiotics can treat coronavirus:

It is not true that coronavirus can be prevented by taking antibiotics. Till now, there is no vaccine for treating coronavirus.

Myth-busting might not be easy, particularly when it’s rapid spread can be accredited to the majority of people having access to the internet.


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