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Top 6 ways to fight coronavirus anxiety

COVID-19 is a viral infectious disease that first infected China. People who are infected with the coronavirus experience respiratory and breathing problems, dry cough, and high fever. The patients affected by coronavirus should seek appropriate treatment to recover from the disease fully. People who are old or already have hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and any other underlying condition are more vulnerable to developing the disease. Coronavirus spreads through droplets from sneezing and coughing.

How to cope up with coronavirus anxiety?

  1. Don’t deflect back the feeling of anxiety: Do not overthink it. Try to engage in other activities that interest you. The anxious feeling will not help you manage or reduce your stress; it will increase the pressure on the mind, and you will only get more stressed. You should be aware that you are feeling anxious. Anxiety does not always destroy, but sometimes it may help and prepare you for coping up against the disease. The feeling of anxiety is not always bad since it helps in taking adequate safety measures.

  2. Learn about the facts: Before reaching any conclusion, learn about the proper and correct facts about coronavirus. Wrong information will increase your stress and nothing else. Try to search for the facts only on trusted websites such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Do not seek information from other sources that are giving incorrect knowledge.

  3. Stay active: Controlling your mind, thoughts, body which you can do by yourself through performing some exercise, yoga, dance, or anything from which you feel productive. Yoga will help you to reduce stress and maintain your body active for the whole day. There are psychological symptoms that can be reduced by meditation.

  4. Always ask for help: At this time of the big problem, stop being shy or afraid and ask for help whenever you need it. During these stressful times, anyone can need help due to anxiety and stress. Stop being afraid of taking help. Everyone at this time is together.

  5. Have a healthy diet: Do not try to skip eating food. Take properly balanced meals of the day. Eat healthy and nutritious food, which can increase your immunity level and divert your mind from anxious thoughts. Eating balanced meals and sleeping at the proper time is very important. It will help your body to prepare against disease, let you stay active, decrease stress, etc.

  6. Stay with your family and friends: Everyone is staying home due to lockdown in major regions of the country, so it’s a perfect chance to stay with your family and friends and have a good time with them. Talking to parents and friends will reduce anxiety and boost up energy. They can also help you cope up with anxiety, and you can feel happy.

Latest coronavirus updates

At this time, there are over 18,00,000 coronavirus cases in the world. Out of which over 9,92,318 are active cases, 2,90,643 are cured cases who were discharged from the hospital, and over 116,000 have died. The USA is at the top position in coronavirus cases, with 5,86,057 cases. The death rate in the US has crossed the death rate in Italy, with 23,604 deaths due to coronavirus.

Coronavirus vaccine

No vaccine has been made for treating COVID-19 till now. Researchers are working on making the vaccine for the deadly coronavirus. The scientists are using and experimenting SARS-CoV vaccine for coronavirus disease and doing clinical trials on the same. The scientists of Australia will be going to test the vaccine on humans by the end of April. There are four types of coronavirus, out of which not even single coronavirus has a vaccine. So it is challenging to make the vaccine against the present coronavirus.

For treating patients, doctors are using currently available anti-viral drugs. It will also make it easy for scientists if any of the drugs become useful for treating coronavirus, then the process of making a coronavirus vaccine becomes effortless. At present, some anti-malarial drugs have become helpful in treating the patients of coronavirus. The vaccine will be effective only for people with a healthy immune system. It will be less successful in the older age group people and people with underlying health conditions.

Coronavirus anxiety symptoms

The symptoms of anxiety and coronavirus are somewhat similar. The significant difference between coronavirus symptoms and anxiety symptoms is that you can manage your anxious feelings to some extent, but this will not happen with coronavirus. If the person is suffering from coronavirus, then the symptoms can go from mild to severe. You can cope up with coronavirus anxiety with healthy eating habits and thinking, diverting your mind in some other activities, doing something creative, learning about the correct facts of coronavirus, etc. The symptoms of anxiety include muscle pain, headache, stress, spikes in heart rate, sleeping problems, and digestive issues.


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