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Top 10 reasons why Depression is more common in Youth

Depression in youth is often misunderstood, and those suffering from it have difficulty in coping with it, especially when its treatment is not easily accessible. Stress, anxiety, and depression in youths have increased in the past and have become a severe problem which if not treated promptly and effectively can cause persistent feelings of sadness, loss, and lack of interest in any activities and can affect both behavior and thoughts of the youth.

The clinical depression symptoms and treatment are different for teens and adults, and it is much harder for older individuals to get access to treatment.

Depression symptoms include apathy, lack of concentration, difficulty in decision making, inappropriate and excessive guilt, loss of interest, memory loss, weight loss, medical conditions, medications, change in behavior, withdrawal from society, etc.

There are several causes of depression in the youths, among which social media is the primary reason. The youths are continually struggling to win a never-ending competition on social media.

  • Peer pressure is also a prominent reason for the increase in depression. The constant pressure the youths face to compete with their peers harms their mental health.

  • Another triggering factor for depression in the youth can be suppressed trauma from the past, accompanied by the severe difficulty in its treatment.

  • The youth, who under pressure from school, peers, and life, can easily find themselves in a situation where they realize they have been swept away in a puddle of anxiety, stress, and depression.

  • Divorced parents and separated parents can be a cause for triggering depression and witnessing the dissolution of a family can have an overall negative impact on teens.

  • Genetic and biological reasons make some teens predisposed to depression. If a parent or even a close relative has suffered from depression, it can make the teens susceptible to it as well.

  • Financial problems in families do not have to be directly linked to the teens to affect them. If the teens are aware that money is tight along with the risk of losing their home and standard of living can be an upsetting situation.

  • Lack of finance and efficient treatment resources and delay in recognizing the symptoms can also be a reason for the increase in depression. Hence, youths are encouraged to participate in clinical trials for depression.

  • Low self-esteem can come from several reasons, such as appearance and depression is not uncommon in youths who have low self-esteem and self-confidence.

  • Physical or emotional neglect and the lack of parental support and attention are also important causes of depression even if the teens are independent.

  • It is imperative to recognize the symptoms of depression and get the correct treatment for it. Depression symptoms in men and women and teens if ignored can be life-threatening.

It is essential to acknowledge the symptoms and consult a doctor for depression medications, psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and interpersonal therapy. Paid clinical trial centers conduct depression tests, which is an effective way to treat depression in youths.

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