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Top 10 reasons why Depression is more common in Youth

Depression in youth is often misunderstood, and those suffering from it have difficulty in coping with it, especially when its treatment is not easily accessible. Stress, anxiety, and depression in youths have increased in the past and have become a severe problem which if not treated promptly and effectively can cause persistent feelings of sadness, loss, and lack of interest in any activities and can affect both behavior and thoughts of the youth.

The clinical depression symptoms and treatment are different for teens and adults, and it is much harder for older individuals to get access to treatment.

Depression symptoms include apathy, lack of concentration, difficulty in decision making, inappropriate and excessive guilt, loss of interest, memory loss, weight loss, medical conditions, medications, change in behavior, withdrawal from society, etc.

There are several causes of depression in the youths, among which social media is the primary reason. The youths are continually struggling to win a never-ending competition on social media.