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The Link Between heart condition and depression

Most people remember manic depression only as a mental disorder, and contamination of the mind, but not as a physical ailment. It is usually an improper concept. Firstly, manic depression can be a bodily disorder in and of itself as visible in brain shape and performance, meaning it doesn’t merely entail shifts in mood. Quite that, though, manic depression is connected to other types of physical diseases. People with manic depression tend to have shorter lifespans than the general population. Part of that’s the high threat of suicide. However, there are other factors of diseases related to manic depression. One such ailment is Cardiovascular diseases that are the primary reason behind death among people with manic depression.

Cardiovascular diseases can be a broad term that covers numerous coronary heart conditions. One of the essential factors of cardiovascular diseases is plaque build-up inside the arteries (atherosclerosis). This building up restricts blood flow, which may cause the formation of clots.

There are several forms of the disease, including:

  • Blood clots result in both coronary heart attacks and strokes.

  • An attack that takes place while a clot cuts off blood supply to the guts. When this happens, the center muscle starts to die.