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Postpartum anxiety or postpartum depression- which is it?

It’s natural to stress after the birth of your baby. You wonder, are they eating well? Are they sleeping enough? Are they hitting all the precious milestones? And what about germs? Will I ever sleep again? How did such a lot of laundry pile up?

Perfectly reasonable — not to mention, a symbol of your already existing deep love for your newborn. However, sometimes it’s something more. If you feel your anxiety seems out of control, has you jittery most of the time, or keeps you up in the dark, you can have quite the new-parent jitters.

You’ve probably heard of postpartum depression (PPD). It’s gotten tons of press, and trust us, that’s an honest thing — because postpartum depression is genuine and deserves the eye. But are you conscious of its lesser-known cousin, postpartum anxiety disorder? Let’s take a better look.

Symptoms of postpartum anxiety

Keep in mind that the majority (if not all) new parents experience some worry. But the symptoms of the postpartum anxiety include: