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Medical Marijuana for Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a severe disorder affecting your brain. Those with the condition might imagine people are bent on getting them. Referred to as auditory hallucinations, they can hear voices that aren’t there. When people with schizophrenia talk, they often don’t make any sense. Schizophrenia symptoms typically appear between ages 16 and 30, and men tend to exhibit signs before women. You always don’t get the condition after you turn 45 years old.

Schizophrenia has three primary symptoms:

  • The positive schizophrenia symptoms can affect your actions, thoughts, and behavior can include delusions, hallucinations, strange movements, and difficulty organizing thoughts.

  • The negative schizophrenia symptoms include flat affect and make it hard for you to function normally or show emotions. You can feel withdrawn or depressed.

  • The other symptoms can affect your thought process and include difficulty making decisions, using information, and listening.

Is Marijuana an efficient Treatment for Schizophrenia?