Individuals with schizophrenia have 170 times higher suicide rates

Individuals with schizophrenia have 170 times higher suicide rates, a new study reports. Do you feel low after reading the mentioned research and other similar researches? The researchers in Canada report that the suicide rates for those with schizophrenia are 170 times higher than the others. This report was published in a journal called Schizophrenia Research on the 18th of June. It was based on the study conducted on 75,000 individuals who have schizophrenia, which was studied for over ten years. The data of the population for 20 years was used in this study. Further, the researchers concluded that this risk increased during the initial five years. What is that lead to such a significant change in them? Schizophrenia is best described as a type of disorder characterized by positive and negative symptoms, including hallucinations, delusions, flat effect, etc.

Individuals with schizophrenia have 170 times higher suicide rates

Hold on, if you are very curious about it, even a clinical scientist Dr. Juveria Zaheer feels the same way. She is from the Center for Addiction and Mental Health, which is in Toronto. She points the need to know the reason behind such a happening. The answer has been given to you by the study co-author Dr. Paul Kurdyak. He is the director of health outcomes and handles the evaluation of the performance of the institute. He rightly points at the shortcoming, which led to such a change. According to him, studying schizophrenia symptoms are not adequate.

He says that heightened risk is because of the focus of the treatment only on the psychosis. It is treated when it appears for the first time. Similarly, such an approach is required for the prevention of suicide. However, the treatment does not include strategies to prevent suicide and planning for their safety. And he emphasized the inclusion of the same while treating schizophrenia.

He says that it is necessary to take significant steps towards change after having gained knowledge from this study. He further mentions about the learning that we need to get is that we need to focus on those individuals who are highly at suicide risk and make certain required changes in treating them and in the policies for them. We need not just do anything for them since they are already at high risk for suicide.

Now that we have seen the dark side of the individuals with schizophrenia, it is necessary to look at the next study, which shows hopeful for individuals with schizophrenia.

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People with schizophrenia less intolerant toward economic injustice

The researchers from UJI, CEU UCH, and UBFC studied the decisions based on risk and how they perceive economic injustice. It was explicitly studied among those who consume cocaine. It not only includes individuals with schizophrenia but also those with antisocial personality disorder and other mental diseases. We all think majorly of their suffering is due to their disorder itself and its disadvantages, the disadvantages that the cocaine has on them.

However, this is where the uniqueness and the positive side of the study are. The conclusion is that individuals with schizophrenia make decisions that are less risky and less intolerant toward economic injustice than healthy individuals.

How did they find the conclusion?

Aren’t you interested in knowing how they measured such a complicated conclusion? Let us dive into these engaging details! So people with schizophrenia were given two tasks. In the first task, they were given a choice between lotteries. To buy them, they were required to bets the option which had the least economic risk. It made the researchers understand their disliking towards economic risks.

The second task, as you have rightly guessed, was taken place to understand their intolerance towards economic injustice. It was a game in which they had the power to do either good or bad to others. And they were given situations in which such an attitude comes up in them. The situations had both cases where doing economic injustice is beneficial and where it was not beneficial. Hence, through such an in-depth study, there was a significant difference seen in people with schizophrenia only and not in individuals with antisocial personality disorder since schizophrenia is a disorder of disorganized thoughts and behavior.

Why are these results significant?

You might now wonder regarding the importance of these results. These results have made the researchers understand the impact of using these treatments involving an aspect of sociology, which we saw through those two tasks. They further go beyond to think of combining them with psychological treatment. They also emphasize that this combination of psychological and sociological aspects will be majorly for individuals with mental illnesses and who consume drugs.

Another important contribution of this study for individuals with mental illnesses and who consume drugs is Gonzalo Haro, a medicine professor at CEU UCH. He says that it can help the psychiatrists understand whether their patients can use their wealth or not. If the psychiatrist can prevent a tremendous financial loss to the patient, it will be highly beneficial to the patient.

The wise words of another professor from CEU UCH named Abel Baquero appreciate this research as an essential proof to study individuals’ behavior in the context of economics. He further talks about such studies being very helpful and beneficial in mental health as well as addictions. He mentions about its usefulness also of information of great value to treat individuals with mental illness as well as addiction.

Professor Aurora Garcia Gallego from UJI also appreciates the practical nature of the study, making it possible to derive valid results in the real world. According to him, this study’s nature has also shown a path to the research studies of medicine. This study’s value increases more after the knowledge that a lot of individuals in Spain (36.5 %) and Europe (2.3 million youths) consume cocaine. And schizophrenia has been majorly related to the consumption of cocaine.

At California medical behavioral clinical trials, we always advise looking for research of both kinds, the one which makes us aware of the dangers and the others that make us hopeful about further developments!


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