How to effectively manage your Mental Health?

Mental health is an essential thing in today’s world. A person with good mental health leads a happy life and can do everything he wants with full enthusiasm. Mental health also affects the way one thinks and behaves. Good mental health does not mean the absence of mental illness but also tells about the mental and emotional well-being of a person. Everyone in their life goes through lows, but a person with good mental health knows how to cope up with it.

Various factors can affect the mental well being of a person. Four hundred fifty million people are affected by some mental illness worldwide at some point in their lives.


  • Heredity: If someone in the family has experienced some mental illness, other family members will likely develop it themselves. It can be passed on through genes. It can also be developed along with the presence of other factors such as stress.

  • Loneliness: Everyone feels lonely sometimes in their lives, but if these feelings of loneliness persist for a more extended period, then it can impact the mental well being of a person.

  • Alcohol and drug abuse: Alcohol and drugs can make someone feel better only for a short time. Their long term use can affect the way a person behaves and thinks and harms mental health.

  • Brain injury: A person having a certain kind of defect or damage on some part of their brain can be linked to mental illness.

  • Life events: Sometimes, some facts or situations such as the death of a loved one or business failure can profoundly affect a person’s mental health.


Mental health is an essential aspect of life. Taking care of your mental health is necessary to living life to the fullest. The list given below suggests some simple and easy ways to do so.

ways to manage mental health
5 effective ways to manage mental health

1) Stress Management:

Stress can be said one of the main reasons why most people have a mental illness. Stress is unavoidable, but it can be managed. Knowing the cause of stress can help in keeping stress under control and maintaining good mental health.

These includes:

  • Telling the reason for your worry to someone you trust is an effective way to relieve stress and to calm down.

  • Making a list of all the worries and resolving them one by one.

  • Yoga, deep breathing, and meditation can help to reduce stress.

  • Practicing gratitude helps in feeling good and also reduces stress.

2) Sleep well:

Sleep is the necessary element for someone to lead a physically and mentally balanced life. Skipping sleep for even a few hours can affect mood, energy, decision making, and ability to handle stress. Everyone should get a quality sleep of seven to eight hours for the healthy functioning of the body. Sleep hours can vary according to your age group.

Some of the ways to get sleep are as follows:

  • Stick to a sleep-wake schedule for getting quality sleep every night.

  • Try not to let your mind occupied by stressful thoughts by reading a book or listening to music before bed.

  • Make the room dark and quiet.

  • Don’t use gadgets before half an hour before bed for a peaceful sleep.

3) Healthy eating habits:

Healthy eating habits and a balanced diet are good for our minds and bodies. Bad eating habits affect our body, mind, sleep, and immune system. Certain food items, such as caffeine, can enhance stress and anxiety. Some food items can help to boost moods such as fresh fruits, beans, avocados, leafy greens, and others that can be included in the diet.

4) Staying active and exercising regularly:

Physical activities produce endorphins that help to lift the mood. Exercising not only helps a person staying fit physically but also mentally. Taking a walk, dancing to music or swimming is also a great way to stay active.

Tips to start a regular exercise routine are:

  • Start with small sessions and increase it day by day.

  • Start by exercises such as swimming, dancing, or walking.

  • Add focus to the workouts and start enjoying them.

5) Talk to people:

For good mental and emotional health, a good company of people is required. It is found that talking to others can help improve your mental health.

Ways to connect to people and talk about your feeling:

  • Call a friend and ask them to meet up.

  • Staying away from television and computers.

  • Join groups that help to improve mental health.

  • Connect with new people.


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