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COVID-19 is killing more men than women: Why?

The ongoing Corona pandemic has engulfed around 185 countries around the world. Scientists and Experts are busy in the troubling times in conducting various searches to find an antidote to the virus. A new attempt is being made to analyze sex-disaggregated data to study the effect of the Novel Coronavirus on males and females, although the topic remains overlooked usually. But, the outcomes of the research are baffling. “Almost in all the countries of the world, men are more prone to the virus than women.” It is not because women wash their hands frequently, wear masks, or maintaining hygiene, but their genes dictate the results.

Round the globe, the men-women corona infection ratio is more than 60:40. The official figures of countries like China, the USA, Italy, which are among the worst sufferers of the pandemic, follow this fashion. There was a 1.1% difference in the death rate of Chinese men and women till the beginning of February, but later on, the difference increased. However, Italy shows a wider gap of 4.6%, with 10.6% infected men dying while only 6% of women deaths. Let’s explore the reasons behind the high men fatality due to Corona.

One of the worst-hit countries of the world, Italy, has men as a patient of sixty percent of confirmed corona cases. Particularly older men are at the hit-list of COVID-19. Ryan Steele, an assistant professor of clinical medicine in rheumatology, allergy, and immunology at Yale School of Medicine, said, “This would indicate that the underlying differences in the immune response among genders may play a larger role than we have appreciated so far.”