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CDC adds six new symptoms to its official list of COVID-19 symptoms

CDC, one of the significant functionaries of the US Health Department that aims to protect Americans from all the health issues, is keeping track of the updates of COVID-19. It has approached various sub-committees to tackle the virus and has added six new symptoms of COVID-19 to its official list.

COVID-19, a disease caused by Novel coronavirus. Coronaviruses are notorious for causing respiratory diseases. The virus enters the human body from the buccal cavity, goes to the respiratory tract, and starts multiplying in the lungs rapidly. The virus blocks the tiny air sacs known as alveoli, present at the end tips of bronchi. So, the oxygen supply gets retarded to the other body parts and, proper functioning of the body is inhibited. The virus spread through either direct contact with the affected person or contact with the droplets generated by him. The virus can remain active on surfaces for more than 72 hours. Therefore, unnecessary touching of surfaces is discouraged. A simple household disinfectant can decontaminate the surface. RNA testing of respiratory secretions is done to test the virus.