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5 promising research updates for ADHD treatments

5 promising research updates for ADHD treatments for people who are always keen on the recent research findings of ADHD and Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) since you or your child has it? Are you too an optimistic individual? Well, your prayers are answered now! There is a lot of researches conducted on the wellbeing of society. However, these five types of research will help you change certain things in your life, which will genuinely impact! So let us now see how much does it benefit you!

1) More distractions, less attention. How to study?

Are you too worried about the academics of your child due to difficulty in paying attention? If your child’s medication is not effective on their attention, this might be beneficial to your child. It shows that the consumption of two medications together rather than just one are more effective treatments for ADHD.

The complicated names of these two medications are guanfacine and d-methylphenidate. Quite complicated, right? Well, now you only have to check the names of the companies. These two medications are sold by companies called Intuniv or Tenex and Ritalin or Concerta.

This study, conducted at the University of California, Los Angeles, concluded that these two medications for ADHD had improved the attention of kids the most than any other medications or their combinations. The brain scans also showed better working memory, the skill of thinking, and betterment of symptoms when compared to those who did not take two medications.

Just in case if you are too happy to hear this, let me tell you about its potential risks and side effects. Having two medicines increases the chance of fainting and dehydration. So, it is always better to take the guidance of your child’s doctor before you choose one of the current treatment options for ADHD.

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2) Is it a disadvantage?

We all are aware of the problems children with ADHD face due to their working memory issues. Due to these issues, they lag in problem-solving as they cannot process the information that consists of those problems. It is a piece of equally shocking and happy news that your child’s hyperactivity can help them improve their performance! It is that performance that lagged due to the issues with their working memory.