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3 Anxiety-Related Disorders You Might Not Know About

Most people can relate to the emotions of hysteria. Your muscles tense, butterflies invade your stomach, and therefore the rapid beating of your heart tells you that you’re not calm. And that’s normal. Where would we be if seriously dangerous situations like dark alleys within the dark didn’t give us the heebie-jeebies? And would we take important tasks very seriously if we didn’t get nervous in the spotlight, like when giving a presentation at work?

But there are times when our anxiety gets within the way of our everyday functioning. It can ruin our health, relationships, work, and fun activities. It’s not hard to imagine the pain of being suffering from constant worries. But sometimes, anxiety and anxiety-related processes can show up in additional unusual ways.

The (DSM-5) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, 5th Edition, is the American Psychiatric Association’s official list of psychological disorders. It’s an enormous bible detailing all disorders and their categorizations.