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10 movie characters who accurately portray mental illness

Cinema generally has had a dubious history with portraying the psychological condition in an authentic or maybe sensitive light. The perceived dramatic nature of the mental illness has notoriously meant it’s too often conveyed as a way to broadcast sentimentality or sensationalism. When it is not either of these, ‘madness’ that is the perfect fuel for horror films by misconceptions of aggressive psychosis.

But even Hollywood can occasionally get it right, and actors and actresses within the previous couple of decades have shown a willingness to let their performances reflect growing public awareness about various mental health conditions.


The courts recognized the act as an episode of bipolar mania, not as a criminal offense of passion, and his long road to recovery begins. Silver Linings Playbook kicks off upon his release when he loses his wife and access to his child and moves back in together with his parents.

Pat feels things too intensely, gets too stressed about trivial things but struggles to succeed because he’s perceived as too high-functioning to be broken. He spends most of the film exhibiting the manic